Tanya Donelly and Ivo's fiesty wife

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The MSN Online Tonight Tanya Donelly Chat (11/18/96) posted by Brett in Throwing Music's Feedback Forum. Thanks, Brett!

hair_Bear_Bunch: Hi welcome to the Tanya Donelly chat!

Tanya_Donelly: hello

hair_Bear_Bunch: hello tanya how ya doin

Tanya_Donelly: i'm fine how are you

hair_Bear_Bunch: good but a bit chilly

Tanya_Donelly: me too

hair_Bear_Bunch: When did you first pick up a guitar and why?

Tanya_Donelly: i started playing when i was 15 because i was bored and lonely

hair_Bear_Bunch: did you not enjoy your playtime then

Tanya_Donelly: there is very little playtime where i come from

hair_Bear_Bunch: Can you tell us about your early relationship with Kristen as a half sister, before your first band?

Tanya_Donelly: kristin and i were friends before we became sisters...

Tanya_Donelly: we were 6 when we met and we haven't stopped talking since

hair_Bear_Bunch: I know you started your first band when you were only fifteen so do you have any suggestions or advice for wannabes who would like to get into the music industry?

Tanya_Donelly: the music industry is very mysterious to me even now...

Tanya_Donelly: it's random and fickle.

hair_Bear_Bunch: its stranger to outsiders, give us something

Tanya_Donelly: concentrate on songs first of all, and play your butt off and send tapes and tapes and tapes and don't be easily cowed

hair_Bear_Bunch: top answer never be put off the hairbear bunch wern't

hair_Bear_Bunch: What is your favorite Throwing Muses album?What is your favorite Throwing Muses album?

Tanya_Donelly: house tornado house tornado

hair_Bear_Bunch: why?

Tanya_Donelly: it's the spookiest and the instrumentation is great (i think)

hair_Bear_Bunch: what are your top 5 favourite cartoons?

Tanya_Donelly: ren and stimpy, the simpsons, bugs bunny...

Tanya_Donelly: real monsters, and josie and the pussycats

hair_Bear_Bunch: Alternative rock has hit the big time over the last few years. Have you found any of the new breed of bands inspiring?

Tanya_Donelly: i like radiohead, the catherine wheel, ...

Tanya_Donelly: pj harvy

Tanya_Donelly: kim deal

hair_Bear_Bunch: what do you think of oasis

Tanya_Donelly: he writes really great songs

Tanya_Donelly: and the other he is a great rock star

hair_Bear_Bunch: did you prefer belly to the muses and the breeders?

Tanya_Donelly: i'm going to make you throw up and say that i'm equally proud of everything i've done, ...

Tanya_Donelly: but of course belly was closer to my heart

steve_thorley: Ask Tanya if her new stuff is similar to her work in Belly. Cheers lads!

Tanya_Donelly: i used more instruments and the people who play them on this record...

Tanya_Donelly: there are some (tasteful) strings and loops and machines

hair_Bear_Bunch: is it strange not working with a band

hair_Bear_Bunch: as opposed to session musicians

Tanya_Donelly: it's starnge using my name on it's own, which i wanted to avoid...

Tanya_Donelly: but i've really loved playing with a variety of musicians

hair_Bear_Bunch: why do you want to avoid using your own name

Tanya_Donelly: i don't use session musicians -- my friends played everything

Tanya_Donelly: i feel more exposed with my name out there

hair_Bear_Bunch: you chose belly cos it was your fave word what's your fave word now

Tanya_Donelly: wine

hair_Bear_Bunch: davidhudsonakarocky: Dear Tanya - When are you playing London, belly 8 thought it might be Camden this month?

hair_Bear_Bunch: how about more wine

hair_Bear_Bunch: please

Tanya_Donelly: i'm playing dingwall's on thursday (i think)

Tanya_Donelly: is there a band called wine?

hair_Bear_Bunch: we don't think so and we know loads

Tanya_Donelly: someone should nab it

hair_Bear_Bunch: Matrix: Tanya, what would you have used for a stage name if not Tanya Donelly?

Tanya_Donelly: somebody out there name your band wine right now

Host JoBarry_MSN: lol

Tanya_Donelly: taffy

hair_Bear_Bunch: kenickie: Question to Tanya- Are you thinking of doing anymore work with kim deal?

Tanya_Donelly: i'm wouldn't avoid it, but kim and i are pretty separately busy

hair_Bear_Bunch: Do you think Shearer is worth £15million?

Tanya_Donelly: i don't know who that is

Tanya_Donelly: steve morton is a nail-biter


he's englands football captain

Tanya_Donelly: i'm sure he's well worth every cent

hair_Bear_Bunch: Helen: Tanya do you like styles of music like Dina carroll or do you think they are Spammy?????

Tanya_Donelly: again, i have to plead ignorance -- who is she

hair_Bear_Bunch: she makes the kind of music we'll never play

Tanya_Donelly: then i don't like it

hair_Bear_Bunch: The listener of an album often associates it with a time in their lives. Does the same apply only more so for the artist?

Tanya_Donelly: absolutely. i can't listen to certain things without regressing

hair_Bear_Bunch: e.g

Tanya_Donelly: the first muses record was made at a scary time for me and so was star and i was tipsy all through pod and making weird personal choices

hair_Bear_Bunch: if the sky wasn't blue what colour would it be?

Tanya_Donelly: blood red

hair_Bear_Bunch: Is there such thing as a perfect album? Once an album is finished and put out can you switch off from the creative process?

Tanya_Donelly: music is kinetic and so it's impossible (i think) to perfectly record something that moves so constantly

hair_Bear_Bunch: Drug problems seem to have been hounding the US rock scene recently (Jimmy Chamberline, Kristen Pfaff, Kurt etc), how have you managed to avoid it all? Is the drug scene kind of thrust onto all rock stars?

Tanya_Donelly: musicians are targeted in drug issues because they are a public focus anyway, ...

Tanya_Donelly: drugs are everywhere

hair_Bear_Bunch: what top 3 things would you insist on having in your dressing room?

Tanya_Donelly: water, wine, and cheese

hair_Bear_Bunch: When you teamed up with Kim Deal to form the Breeders you must have felt that you were in the ultimate supergroup, especially after the release of "Pod". Was it difficult to keep the Muses going at the same time?

Tanya_Donelly: when i was a breeder, it was strictly a side project

hair_Bear_Bunch: ah but kim deal said it was never intended as a side project

Tanya_Donelly: steve morton is a nose-picker

Tanya_Donelly: she's revising, then

hair_Bear_Bunch: Once you’d left both the Muses and the Breeders both bands carried on regardless. That must have brought home the fact that no band member is indispensable. Was that difficult to handle? Did you keep thinking "Oh I wouldn’t have played that like that".

Tanya_Donelly: no band member is dispensable if the band in question is strong

Tanya_Donelly: i meant indispensable i really did i can't type

Tanya_Donelly: :o)

hair_Bear_Bunch: jo_ Ask Tanya how Ivo is,and what he's up to

hair_Bear_Bunch: we'll let you off

Tanya_Donelly: ivo is happy and healthy and well and living with his lovely and fiesty wife in l.a.

hair_Bear_Bunch: what's the most digusting thing you've ever done at a party?

Tanya_Donelly: i burned off my eyebrows trying to light a cig

hair_Bear_Bunch: What are the main reasons for you going solo?

Tanya_Donelly: we all needed to do other things and we were about to implode

hair_Bear_Bunch: jo_whiley: Ask Tanya about her shoulder pads,fashion plus or minus,we should vote now!

Tanya_Donelly: shoulder pads are not for the weak-hearted

hair_Bear_Bunch: Touring for so long sometimes, do songs lose their personality and become a sequence of things to do?

Tanya_Donelly: i try very very hard not to let this happen, but sometimes i do robot through and that sucks

hair_Bear_Bunch: tell us about your new single burn

Tanya_Donelly: the song itself or the ep?

hair_Bear_Bunch: the song!!!!!!!!!

Tanya_Donelly: it's about brats and the ruthless pruning of them

hair_Bear_Bunch: what about its double meaning

Tanya_Donelly: all in good fun, of course

hair_Bear_Bunch: what is us brits don't get it man

Tanya_Donelly: it's a loaded word, to be sure

Tanya_Donelly: bum has three meanings in the states -- A) one's ass B) a homeless person C) a loser and user

Tanya_Donelly: i am referring to the latter

Tanya_Donelly: C

hair_Bear_Bunch: we were just joking

hair_Bear_Bunch: we just couldn't believe the title

hair_Bear_Bunch: What is your favourite drink?

Tanya_Donelly: wine

Tanya_Donelly: water

Tanya_Donelly: cheese

hair_Bear_Bunch: SSSSDDDD: Tanya- If we call our band Wine, will you jam with us ?

Tanya_Donelly: that depends -- where are you and are you any good

hair_Bear_Bunch: Brett_Foster: When will your new material be released in North America? And when do you plan to tour over here? I'm especially hoping you visit Canada.

Tanya_Donelly: the e.p. will be on import in N.A. and the album comes out in March

hair_Bear_Bunch: Christine_Birkett: Are your parents musical and did they have much influence on you and Kristin's choice of "career"?

Tanya_Donelly: both of our fathers play guitar and her dad is a great songwriter on his own...

hair_Bear_Bunch: Will you always be guitar orientated or can you see a time when you experiment with other formats?

Tanya_Donelly: i think the fact that nothing was expected of us helped?

hair_Bear_Bunch: what was your nick name at skool?

Tanya_Donelly: i'm interested in getting into the "other side" more

Tanya_Donelly: t

hair_Bear_Bunch: SSSSDDDD: Tanya-We live near cambridge and we are s*it

Tanya_Donelly: come to my cambridge (MA) and get better

hair_Bear_Bunch: when is your single and album due for release?

Tanya_Donelly: the single is Nov. 25 and the album is March

hair_Bear_Bunch: thanks aload top lass! hope to see you again love the hairbears

Tanya_Donelly: love from me and thank you much

hair_Bear_Bunch: thank you

Tanya_Donelly: Bye

Host ajackson: Thanks Tanya and many thanks Jamie and Justin - Top job lads!

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