The UK 4AD Promo and Freebie List Mark III

Written by AG Wappat on Fri, 24 Feb 1995 17:08:56 +0000.

This is the latest version...any corrections/additions to my address please!

                    : NON CONVENTIONAL 4AD UK RELEASES :

These releases are UK in origin, and are special editions, promotional
items and freebies...and thus not available through the usual channels.
The qualification for entry is a 4AD catalogue number that is not
duplicated in any of the 4AD mailorder catalogues...this rules out the
more recent label practice of simply handing out pre-release conventional
copies with "promotional use only" stickers on the usual cover.

*** Please send any additions and/or corrections to my e-mail address ***

Belly              BELLY 1    12" promo for CAD 5005
                   (A: now they'll sleep B: ???/???)

Berry, Heidi       HB 1        5" CD promo for CAD 1012
                   (washington square/bright as day/lily)

Black, Frank       FB 1        5" CD promo for CAD 3004
                   (los angeles/fu manchu/old black dawning/ten percenter)

The Breeders       BREED 1    10" promo for BAD 3011 (one sided)
                   (A: cannonball)

The Breeders       BREED 2     7"  freebie with initial CAD 3014
                   (A: grunge B: new year)

Cocteau Twins      AD 314      7"  promo for BAD 314 (one sided)
                   (A: sugar hiccup)

Cocteau Twins      CT BOX 1   a 10 x CD box set of all the previous EP's
                   etc. with various bonus tracks.

Cocteau Twins      CT 1 CD     5" CD freebie with CT BOX 1
                   (dials/crushed/high monkey monk/oomingmak(instrum))

Colourbox          MAD 509    12" freebie LP with initial CAD 508
10000              (3: edit the dragon/hipnition/we walk around the streets/
                    arenaII 4: manicII/fast dump/sex gun)

Dead Can Dance     DCD 1       5" CDigi promo for CAD 3013/Baraka film
                   (the host of seraphim/yulunga(spirit dance))

Frazier Chorus     AD 708      7" promo for BAD 708
                   (A: sloppy heart B: typical)

Hersh, Kristin     KH 1       12" freebie live LP with initial CAD 2013
                   (juno/marriage tree/pearl/stand up/dovey/mexican women/
                    run letter/soap&water/rabbits dying/cry baby cry/counting
                    backwards/handsome woman/take/soul soldier/bea/delicate

Hersh, Kristin     KH 1 CD     5" freebie live LP with initial CAD 2013 CD
                   (as above KH 1)

Hersh, Kristin     KH 2        7" mail order freebie for CAD 4002
                   (A: velvet days (demo version) B: houdini blues (demo))

His Name Is Alive  HNIA 1      7" promo for CAD 0008
                   (A: how ghosts affect relationships AA: if july)

His Name Is Alive  HNIA 2      5" CD promo for CAD 3006
                   (in every ford/lip/drink,dress and ink/can't go wrong
                    without you/the dirt eaters)

Lush               LUSH 1 CD   5" CD promo for BAD 1016
                   (nothing natural/monochrome/nothing natural(12" version))

Lush               LUSH 2     12" promo for BAD 4008
                   (1: hypocrite 2: undertow (spooky remix))

Lush               LUSH 3     12" promo for BAD 4008/4011
                   (1: desirelines 2: lovelife (suga bullit remix))

Lush               CADP4011CD  5" CD promo for CAD 4011 (orange slipcase)
                   (whole album)

Newman, Colin      CN 1        5" CD freebie with CAD 108/201 CD
3000               (we means we starts/not to/you and your dog/h.c.t.f.r/
                    no doubt/the grace you know)

Pale Saints        PS 1       12" promo for BAD 1009
                   (porpoise (both sides))

Pale Saints        PS 2 CD     5" promo for CAD 2004
                   (throwing back the apple/featherframe/baby maker/a thousand
                   stars burst open)

Pale Saints        RIB 1       7" freebie with initial CAD 2004
                   (1: a thousand stars burst open 2: a revelation (both tracks
                    performed by the tintwistle brass band))

Pixies             PIX 1      12" promo for CAD 905 (one sided)
3000               (debaser/wave of mutilation/i bleed/gouge away)

Pixies             PIX 2      12" promo for BAD 909 (one sided)
3000               (into the white/wave of mutilation(UK surf))

Pixies             PIX 3      12" promo for CAD 0010 (one sided)
                   (allison/rock music/down to the wall/the happening)

Pixies             PIX 4      10" promo for CAD 1014
                   (u-mass/letter to memphis/subbacultcha (both sides))

Red House Painters RHP 1 CD    5" CD promo for DAD 3008 (orange slipcase)
                   (i am a rock/new jersey)

This Mortal Coil   TMC 1 CD    5" CD promo for DAD 1005
                   (late night/you and your sister/i come and stand at every
                    door/with tomorrow)

Throwing Muses     MUSE 1     12" promo for CAD 1002
                   (A: counting backwards/say goodbye B: hook in her head)

Throwing Muses     MUSE 2     12" promo for BAD 2012/CAD 2013
                   (A: firepile/manic depression B: jak/rosetta stone)

Ultra Vivid Scene  AD 908      7" mail order freebie, with postcard
                   (A: something to eat AA: h like in heaven)

Ultra Vivid Scene  UVS 1      12" promo for BAD 0004
                   (A: staring at the sun B: three stars)

Ultra Vivid Scene  UVS 2      12" promo for CAD 2017 (one sided)
                   (1: medicating angels/mirror to mirror)

Voix Bulgares      AD 603      7" promo for CAD 603
500                (A: pritouritze planinata B: polegnala e todora)

The Wolfgang Press TWP 1      12" promo for BAD 1003
                   (A: time B: time)

The Wolfgang Press TWP 2      12" promo for BAD 1007
                   (A: mama B: mama)

The Wolfgang Press TWP 3      12" freebie with initial CAD 1011
                   (A: sucker B: mama (both martyn young remixes))

The Wolfgang Press TWP 4      12" promo "Remixes Number One" for CAD 5004
1500               (A: going south (@440 mix)/christianity (sherwood mix)
                    AA: 11 years (sabres main mix 2))

The Wolfgang Press TWP 5      12" promo "Remixes Number Two" for CAD 5004
1000               (???

The Wolfgang Press TWP 6 CD   5" freebie CD with initial CAD 5004 CD
                   (executioner (adamson mix)/christianity (sherwood
                    mix)/going south (adrenalin mix)/11 years (sabres main
                    mix 1))

The Wolfgang Press CADP4016CD 5" CD promo for CAD 5004 (orange slipcase)
                   (has tracklisting added to the CD artwork)

Various            LILIPUT 1  2 x CD promo booklet
                   LILIPUT 2
                   (dark entries/controversial subject/nick the stripper/
                    i melt with you/song to the siren/incubus succubusII/
                    the spangle maker/stranger/baby,i love you so/hate my way/
                    no motion/pump up the volume/mercy seat/the host of
                    seraphim/monkey gone to heaven/de-luxe)

Various            SHUFFLE   5" CDigi promoting The 13 Year Itch
2000               (desirelines(demo)/your ghost(demo)/mistress(remix)/your
                    eyes(remix)/peaco on fire/where are all those puerto-rican
                    boys?/invisible man(demo)/totally freaked out/happy
                    time/firefly/one blue hill(demo)/the time falling bodies
                    take to light/this is the way(part two))

Various            AVAM      5" CDigi promoting All Virgos Are Mad
                   (can't be bothered to type in yet!!)


                  :    Slightly Irritating Stuff... :

As these do not have their own, unique catalogue numbers, it seems
inappropriate to include them in the above list...however there are
differences...If anyone would like to argue the case please do! A full
description would be helpful, as they are different from the conventional
releases in some way...

Berry, Heidi       CAD 3009 CD 5" prerelease for CAD 3009
                   (has "promotion only - not for sale" incorporated into the
                    red background on CD artwork...whole album)

Black, Frank       DAD 4009 CD 5" prerelease for DAD 4009 (orange slipcase)
                   (has "promotion only - not for sale" incorporated into the
                    different orange/silver CD artwork...whole album)

Dead Can Dance     CAD 3013 CD 5" CDigi prerelease for CAD 3013
                   (has "promotion only - not for sale" incorporated into the
                    CD artwork...whole album)

Dead Can Dance     DAD 4015 CD 5" CDigi prerelease for DAD 4015
                   (has "promotion only - not for sale" and US/UK catalogue
                    numbers incorporated into the different metallic
                    blue/black CD artwork...whole album)

Pale Saints        CAD 4014 CD 5" prerelease for CAD 4014
                   (has different white/rust CD artwork..does it have
                    "promotion only - not for sale"..on the CD???)

Pixies             BAD 1008   12" prerelease for BAD 1008
                   (Side A tracks of conventional copy on both sides...
                    has similar coloured label design to conventional release,
                    same both sides, but only has the words "Planet of Sound")

The Wolfgang Press BAD 804    12" prerelease for BAD 804
                   (same tracks??...has black and white label design,
                    same both sides...confirmation please)

                   |       And Even More Weird..      |

Whether these should be included is up for debate, but seeing as Huite
has been extremely helpful, and the Play It Again Sam Records homepage
is so wonderful, I've included these freebies...
PIAS ordered these freebie CD's from 4AD to be manufactured and included in
initial copies of CD's that they distribute in the Benelux....Belgium, The
Netherlands and are these UK freebies because they were
made by 4AD in the UK, or NOT because they were specifically meant for
distribution in the Benelux?...Catalogue numbers seem tempting...

Belly              KING 2    5" freebie CD with initial CAD 5005 CD (PIAS)
                   (now they'll sleep(demo)/red(demo)/puberty(demo))

Black, Frank       BADD407CD 5" freebie CD with initial DAD 4009 CD (PIAS)
                   (headache(NYC version)/hate me/amnesia)

Lush               LUSH 22   5" freebie CD with initial CAD 4011 CD (PIAS)
                   (white wood/girl's world/lovelife(suga bullit mix))

Thanks to Jeff Gayton, Huite Rietveld, *kj*, theo and Ralf who have provided
valuable info for the gaps...thanks for your time folks...

|              Andrew Wappat               |   "..spitting out feathers,      |
|     e-mail:          |      spitting out oar-blades.."  !

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