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6.8 Email Based Diary

This section describes a special mail back end called nndiary, and its companion library gnus-diary. It is "special" in the sense that it is not meant to be one of the standard alternatives for reading mail with Gnus. See 6.3.13 Choosing a Mail Back End for that. Instead, it is used to treat some of your mails in a special way, namely, as event reminders.

Here is a typical scenario:

The Gnus Diary back end has the ability to handle regular appointments (that wouldn't ever be deleted) as well as punctual ones, operates as a real mail back end and is configurable in many ways. All of this is explained in the sections below.

6.8.1 The NNDiary Back End  Basic setup and usage.
6.8.2 The Gnus Diary Library  Utility toolkit on top of nndiary.
6.8.3 Sending or Not Sending  A final note on sending diary messages.

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