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2. Composing

Creating a MIME message is boring and non-trivial. Therefore, a library called mml has been defined that parses a language called MML (MIME Meta Language) and generates MIME messages.

The main interface function is mml-generate-mime. It will examine the contents of the current (narrowed-to) buffer and return a string containing the MIME message.

2.1 Simple MML Example  An example MML document.
2.2 MML Definition  All valid MML elements.
2.3 Advanced MML Example  Another example MML document.
2.4 Encoding Customization  Variables that affect encoding.
2.5 Charset Translation  How charsets are mapped from MULE to MIME.
2.6 Conversion  Going from MIME to MML and vice versa.
2.7 Flowed text  Soft and hard newlines.

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